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Acne Nodule Treatment

Terms and words in the identification of different acne and skin diseases are often confusing. As for the general term of lesions, it may include cyst, comedo, papules, or even nodules. But it is always helpful to determine the individual characteristics of these skin conditions for different purposes. Let us take a look at one form of acne that is also termed interchangeably with papules and pustules – nodules.
Nodules, like a papules, is a dome-shaped and solid skin lesion. But different from papules, a nodule may affect even the deepest layers of the skin with its inflammation. Not only does it inflict infection, it also causes destruction of the tissue which often leads to scarring. As defined by its symptoms, nodules can cause terrible pain to a patient. Some nodules, particularly which of nodular acne, requires immediate treatment and may be very resistant to therapies but responsive to isotretinoin.

Nodules often results from the blocking of skin oil glands. Once it has burst open, the containing pus may spread in surrounding tissues thus causing inflammation. Immediate medical attention must be attained because the scarring may have tendencies of permanency. It is also to prevent recurrences of acne and other side effects.


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Types of Acne Nodules

Aside from skin deep skin conditions, nodules can grow in our internal organs. Two of the notorious nodular problems are thyroid nodules and pulmonary nodules.

A common disease in the United States population is the growth of nodules on the thyroid glands. Statistics show that in a lifetime, there is a 5-10% possibility of acquiring thyroid nodules. Furthermore, females are at greater risks than men. Fortunately, the malignancy in thyroid nodules is very low in percentages. It represents only 5% in most cases where it has reported that nodular diseases in the thyroid have been malignant. Effective treatment to thyroid nodular diseases has its basis on the initial diagnosis of benign from malignant symptoms. After which, medication or surgery may be proceeded with by the medical professionals.

Pulmonary nodules in the other hand are egg-shaped lesions present in the lungs. This kind of disease is usually asymptomatic. Doctors may have to examine the chest of the patient on an x-ray to properly determine the size and placement of the nodule in the lungs. The average size of a pulmonary nodule ranges from 3-4 cm in diameter and is usually found in between normal tissues of the lungs.

Acne Nodule Treatment

Nodules require much of oral medications prescribed by doctors. Antibiotics including doxycycline, erythromycin, minocycline, and tetracycline are few of the available medical treatments. For women, birth control pills may be administered only if highly recommended by health professionals.

Surgery may also be proceeded with by dermatologists. Gentle flushing of the drained nodule is done with a reduced costisone. Effects of these procedures are apparent after 2 to 3 days.

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