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Acne Whiteheads Treatment

Whiteheads are caused by the accumulation and combination of cellular fragments, sebum, and oils that shape out firm plugs within hair follicles. Compared to whiteheads, the pigment in blackheads is due to the oxidation or skin’s exposure to oxygen. 

Whiteheads on the other hand are kept inside the skin’s surface by the blockage of hair follicle openings by cellular debris. This explains the absence of a black pigment. It is because of the lack of oxidation of the exposed skin. What is formed instead is a yellow-white lump also known as millium or milia. The presence of bacteria with milia often results to acne in most cases.
Whiteheads are advanced by cellular exfoliation beyond the normal, which easily leads to the blocking or clogging of the follicles in the skin. Individuals who produce sebum which are drier than the average person are at greater risk in developing whiteheads.  Apart from the notion that only persons with oily skin develop whiteheads, dry skinned individuals with dry sebum are also prone to whiteheads.

These sebum producing glands also secrete a fatty acid called linoleic acid to go with sebum. With this mixture of sebum, the skin is calmed and leads away to follicular irritation because of its liquid viscosity.  In the absence of linoleic acid, it is substituted with oleic acid which is a skin irritant and a plug former. 

Acne Whitehead Treatment

Exfoliation might be a basic and effective whiteheads treatment. For 3-4 times a week, wash affected areas of your face with facial exfoliators and scrubs. Use this treatment in whitehead prone areas to avoid possible recurrence.

Aplha Hydroxyl Furit acids or AHA’s are active ingredients in certain skin creams that can take waway dead skin cells. They act like glycol-creams which prevents clogging in the pores resulting to whiteheads.

Caution must be taken in removing whitehead manually. Never attempt to do it forcibly. This may result to skin damage because pores are not open in cases of whiteheads. Not only will it cause tissue damage, it can also spread further infection.

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Acne Whitehead Prevention

A proper diet is the core of preventing whiteheads. Regular intake of water and fresh juices helps in regulating oil and other chemical production of your body. Be sure also to combine your daily meals with fresh fruits and vegetables.

An effective practice is the drinking of warm lemon juice early in the morning. This helps the body to detoxify all other harmful elements that may be present in our system.

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